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UGM Researchers: Cirebon Blast, Multi-Dimensional Failure of SBY Government

YOGYAKARTA- The recent bombing incident in Cirebon is predicted to happen in the next few years. The cases of small-scale and 'tacky' bombings are still going to haunt Indonesian security conditions. It is 'tacky' because it is no longer committed in vital places such as hotels, cafes, presidential palace, etc., but even in mosques.

Ironically, the security forces are not ready to anticipate the new mode committed by this terrorist. Mode of small scale bombing was carried out by 'foot soldier' or 'new man' who has either organizational relationship or not from groups of suspected terrorists.

"Up to now, the government is more focused on looking at the case only through the movement/radical groups and with big explosive bombs. This assumption is dangerous and must be changed by seeing the mode of Cirebon bombing that is only a low explosive one," said a researcher from Institute of International Studies (IIS) Department of International Relations of Faculty of Social and Political Sciences UGM, Dr. Eric Hiariej, M. Phil, Wednesday (20/4).

Eric explained that if the government merely sees the cases of terror in Indonesia will only be done by radical groups such as Jamaah Islamiyah (JI), it is wrong. According to Eric, it will not be able to find the 'key/brain' behind acts of terrorism.

He also assessed that the terrorist organization in Indonesia is actually not as neat as that envisioned by the government. The validity of the data owned by the intelligence about terrorist organizations is difficult to verify

"It is agreed that short-term solution such as that with Detachment 88 does not solve the problem so that it needs long-term solution," Titik said.

One thing that cannot be broken according to Titik is to cut the recruitment of new terrorists through the educational sector. So far in her observation, many religious-based schools teach hatred against other faiths.

"Schools that teach hatred must be cut with the long-term program in education," she added.

On the occasion, the IIS UGM had also issued some responses, especially in the case of Cirebon blast. IIS assessed the figure of Muh. Syarif Astanagarif is not a single and new player, because it is impossible that the action was carried out by untrained actors. Therefore, it is important to further explore other actors involved.

In addition, cases of suicidal bombing by motives of revenge or because of broken home as stated by the government in several media, are premature opinion. Meanwhile, the location of blasting which selected mosque needs to be considered critically. This is important as well as dangerous. If the bombing this time was masterminded by actors who had planned it well, the location of suicidal bombing that no longer considers whether it is a place of worship for Muslims, these show a shift of purpose and pattern.


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