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Boy Yendra Tamin

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By Boy Yendra Tamin

Based on various managerial and administrational considerations and the development opportunity, the accentuations on Municipal Govermens is right reasonable.

The problem is, what is the function and utilization of the giving of autonomy to Provinces (Autonomous Regions at Province level) if the Regional Autonomy is more efficient of effective in Municipal Governments (Autonomous Regions at Municipal Level) and whether Provinces (West Sumatera Province) has to abolished or not with the accentuation of autonomy on Municipal Governments in its practice.

The studi result, by using the yuridic normative and sociological research method, indicate that not all goverment matters can be transferred to Provinces to be arranged and setled as its household matters. There are certain types of matter which, due to their pro-perties and utilization, are more accurate, efective and efficient if transferred and/or settled by Provinces.

The fact shows that the accentuation of the autonomy on Municipal Governments only cause a decrease in the household matters of Provinces, not its total matters. The autonomy accentuated on Municipal Governments is based on the function of the Local Governments and the real autonomy system, so the meaning oh the function and the role of the Province consists of internal and external functions and roles. The internal function and roles is in the form maximizing its own household matters. While the external func-tions and roles in the form of supervising the Municipal Governments are consultative and coordinative in motivating the Municipal Governments in the self sufficiency of Municipal Governments autonomy and maintain the development balance of Municipal Governments.

Based of yuridic constitutional specifications, the role of Provinces as auto-nomous regions, and based on the real autonomy system, the existence of the West Sumatera Province in still important and necessary, althought the household (types of) matters are relatively few due to their transfer to Municipal Goverments in performing the autonomy accentuation.

Effectivity and efficiency are two considerations of the autonomy accentuation on Muncipal Governments. In this connection it turns out, that the abolishment of the performance system and the organization structure of the West Sumatera Province has made the Regional Goverment infficiencet and ineffective.

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