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About The Law Office Boy Yendra Tamin & Partners

Law Office Boy Yendra Tamin and Partners was founded in 1996 by Boy Yendra Tamin,, in addition to an advocate who is also an academic at a leading university in Padang City. Boy Yendra Tamin realize an advocate / lawyer was not only to manage the handling of a variety of legal issues alone, although the profession is the profession of an independent advocate. In addition to the more clients that must be addressed and get the priorities of their problems, then as a colleague needs a partner is something that can not be denied. On that basis, Boy Yendra Tamin  that was run as a single pattner advocate profession, invite colleagues who joined the Law Offices accord BoyYendra Tamin and  Partners with the primary purpose of providing legal services to clients maximum

With previous experience when joined with several colleagues before founding the Law Offices Boy Yendra Tamin and Partners, as the founder of the Boy Yendra Tamin stay focused on the legal issues relating to the areas of governance, corruption, civil, family, divorce, common criminal, labor, as well as corporate, land, legal drafting and legal opinions, as well as legal consultation is an important service of the Law Office  Boy Yendra Tamin and  Partners.

As a law office with several colleagues both as partners and not remain fixed, the Law Office Boy Yendra Tamin and Partners has some legal experts from several universities and at the same time into energy for the law office of Boy Yendra Tamin and Partners in handling clients legal problems. Provision of services and maximum liability is working attitude that developed the law office environment advocates Boy Yendra Tamin and  Partners. n addition it provides an assessment of objeltif and candid attitude to clients is cultivated  in the law office of Boy Yendra Tamin and Partners, because it is very important for the client, so that clients understand the problem and understand the role and position of the advocate. Because openness has always been a major aspect in the develop their working relationship between client and lawyer at the Law Office Boy Yendra Tamin and  Partners.

Since the founding of the Law Offices Boy Yendra Tamin and Partners has handled many cases, ranging from major cases to simple cases with clients from among the Officers, Regional Head, businesses,, company and government and society and individuals.

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