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Making Pledoi

by Boy Yendra Tamin

Making pledoi is a tough job for a lawyer. It is of course if lawyers want to provide the best for the client. Pledoi understood not as public as a defense against the accused errors. In this connection pledoi is related to the struggle for the rights of the defendant and attempt to express what is right and what went wrong in an objective of a case.

Sometimes pledoi contrary to indictment prosecution. This is mainly due to indictment prosecution will not contain the things that weaken the indictment. And in such conditions there is a possibility some of the facts revealed in the trial did not appear in the indictment prosecutor. In this connection a pledoi will take the role of the neglected facts that, in order to obtain an objective understanding of the case which examined the judge.

Of course the assessment of a lawyer and the prosecutor will have a different assessment or similar in some respects. But in the end the judge who will judge based on facts revealed in the trial and conviction coupled with the judge.

Thus pledoi is fighting for the rights of the accused, fight objetivitas a case (the act of a defendant) under the law. Therefore it is not easy to make pledoi that captures all dimensions of the examination of a case. Which would require hard work preparing pledoi a lawyer if you want to give the best for his clients. ***

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