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Why We Need Legal Advice Before Making Important Decisions?

By Boy Yendra Tamin

Usually a professional business people will ask their lawyers to provide legal advice before taking an important decision. Legal advice from a lawyer was required other than to avoid the measures taken do not conflict with the law and to keep watch of the various risks that may be encountered.

The same is actually true for a induvidu when will perform an action, but such a tendency has not been a tradition in Indonesian society. Although there are some people who have done it. They depart from an awareness to reduce risk and minimize unwanted greater losses. But what often happens is the opposite.

In many cases, a induvidu or company will contact a lawyer or legal consultant after their actions are legally problematic. And if the act was done after obtaining legal advice from a lawyer may be risks that they face is not too heavy or can be expected. At least the burden of the risk of legal action could be minimized, and recouped from the beginning. In addition, there is an opportunity to consider whether the action or policy that the only option, or delivery of a better alternative.

There are a number of reasons why they did not contact a lawyer, among others, because the confidence is too high and feel their actions are correct. Meanwhile, the cost issue is a classic reason. They forget, that they would incur a cost, time and more power in the future for the actions ignore the trivial and simple .. In certain circumstances an emotional decision or action driven. Though the risk of such errors can be resolved from the beginning when they asked for legal advice from lawyers or legal consultants who are experts in their field.

In many cases such as in Indonesia, the cases are submitted to the court is generally sourced from decisions made or actions carried out by ignoring the law. In fact most of them felt no need legal advice from a lawyer or legal consultant.

To get legal advice is not difficult at this time. There are many lawyers in various areas and they do not always ask for high fees. Lawyers will usually notice the condition of his client and it was likely the lawyers will free them from costly financing. But as noted, the issue is not about money, but have not been growing awareness and need for legal advice in the community, or institutional policy every time they take or perform an important action.

In that connection, if one wished their actions is an action that is safe, a small risk, then he clearly needs legal advice from experts such as from an attorney. It certainly think if we do not want to have problems more difficult and weight behind the day. *** (

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