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Balerong Sati (Sakti) Only Tomb Old patterned Phallus in Sumatra Island, Far Before Islam Go to Minangkabau

Near Pasar Sungai Tarok (Tarab) Ik 3 miles from Downtown Batusangkar District. Tanah Datar, west Sumatera, Indonesia, there is a cemetery that the locals called Balerong Sati. Balerong Sati or Balerong Sakti is the burial place of greatness Panitahan or Datuk Bandaro Putiah.

The tomb was already hundreds of years old. There is a tombstone patterned stone stoop (menhirs) or phallus-shaped and patterned Buddhist gravestones.

Headstones menhir and phallus shaped shows that the tomb was built prior to the religion, both Buddhism and Islam. After Islam came tombstone has a special patterned different from the menhir and phallus.

However, there are explained, that the tomb age certainty can only be known if the excavation. Phallus and menhirs not by itself show that the gravestone was erected before Buddhism and Islam. Maybe gravestone or tomb was built after the Buddha, then after Islam. In history there is always a so-called transition or a transition period. Replaced the old power of new powers. However, the new rule does not destroy at once what the traditions of the past. Sometimes they let the old tradition of walking for a while while they instill tradition or new order.

Tomb with patterned nisa Menhir (Photo: Boy Yendra Tamin)

Perhaps throughout Sumatra, just in Sungai Tarok (Tarab) found tomb with tombstones patterned and patterned Buddhist phallus. Headstones other patterns such as Hinduism, Buddhism and menhirs in addition there Sungai Tarok (Tarab) also contained in Pugung Raharjo 42 km to the East Bandar Lampung.

Sati Balerong burial complex is a heritage objects are maintained by the government under Law No.5 / 1992 and the legislation before it.

Tomb of with tombstones patterned Phallus (photo: Boy Yendra Tamin)

Given the importance of the position of the institution Bandaharo Datuak Putiah (as Panitahan Pagaruyung Kingdom, as Pamuncak Alam Koto Piliang, as indigenous leaders Nagari Sungai Tarab Salapan Batua, as Pamuncak Bulek Suku Piliang Sani ) it is clear that the burial complex it becomes very important. Tomb it is also the only meal at Sungai Tarab neatly preserved.

Because now the cemetery complex has been protected and preserved by the government, should be used as one of the capital to attract tourism. A small guide book should be provided to the tourists.

Building tomb neatly lined with stone, has failed to give the impression of "antique", because of renovations done to cement the grave stones. It should not grave stones together with cement, but neatly arranged as before. (Written by: Akhiruddin Latif, part of the book " Nagari  SungaiTarok Salapan Batua -vide Boy Yendra Tamin)

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