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Colonial Legacy Concrete Stairs in Salido Ketek; Tourism Potential of Pesisir Selatan Regency

There is a solid Dutch-made concrete ladder in Nagari Tambang Salido Ketek, Pesisir Selatan District, West Sumatra. The concrete ladder of the Dutch heritage can not be separated from the microhido power plant built by the Dutch hundreds of years ago. That is, Salido Ketek in the Dutch era already has a power plant and can imagine Salido Ketek then as a village that has been illuminated by electric lights. Now, the former power plant is still in Salido Ketek and with all its historical value, so it is possible to develop as part of an integrated tourism object in the popular Mandeh Tourism Area.

The center of Salido Ketek power plant in the past was used in connection with the exploitation of the Gunung Harun gold mine, but the mine was losers and closed. Then, the microhydro power plant in Salido Ketek was used for the Semen Padang factory (Semen Indarung) by building a 42 km network from Salido Kecil to Padang.

Natural events can disrupt the existence of Salido Ketek power plant. For example, when the river Salido Ketek overflowed in 1959, thereby damaging its pipe props. Now, after hundreds of years of micro hydro power plant in Salido Ketek there are still traces and some supporting buildings.

Colonial Concrete Ladder in Salido Ketek, Pesisir Selatan Regency.

Although the gold mine in Salido Ketek has long been abandoned, it is still used by the villagers of Bungo Pasang by bumping golden sand. As a mining area in the past, in Nagari Bungo Pasang Salido many generator engines are scattered around the Micro Hydro Center. This former power plant actually needs to be rescued and built "Museum Pesisir Selatan" to save the former colonial era machine.

Although the power plant in Salido Ketek, formerly built by the Dutch, has now been rehabilitated with new power plants, but the former Dutch-built power plant is still there. Similarly, the water source used as a microhydro power plant resources are located on the top of the hill with a beautiful panorama.

If the museum of electricity generation and gold mine in Salido Ketek is built, in addition to remind the current generation for history, as well as being part of the development of an interesting and challenging tourist area. It is said to be challenging, because in the central area of the Dutch-owned microhydro power plant there is a Dutch heritage ladder, whose number of stairs is 135 pieces to the hill where the water source microhydro power plant.
At the top of the hill, where the water source for the Salido Ketek power plant, is a stunning natural charm point. The beauty of a traditional village surrounded by beautiful forests, rivers and pure water, fruit trees, especially durian trees, is an integral part of the former micro-hydro power plant of Salido Ketek with 135 steps to the top of the hill.

In addition, the location of the power plant in Salido Ketek can not be separated from the region's history with the sinking Boeloengan Ship in Mandeh Bay and the San-Laida Gold mine site. Therefore, if the history museum is built in the former Dutch power plant in Salido Ketek, will make Salido Ketek as a tourist area that is integrated with the tourist area of Mandeh. At least as a supporter for the development of charm and appeal Mandeh Tourism Area as one of the tourist icon of West Sumatra. (By.Harfiandri Damanhuri/dh-1, ed, juni 2018)

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