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Best Law Faculty in Indonesia as of January 2018

The best Faculty of Law is the first choice of prospective students who are interested in law. One measure of quality and quality of a Law Faculty (Law Studies Program) can be seen from the accreditation. Based on data of BAN-PT as of January 2018, from 493 Law Study Programs in Indonesia scattered in various Universities and Colleges, only 80 Law Study Programs with accreditation A. The rest 304 with accreditation B and 109 with accreditation C.

Compared with the accreditation of Law Study Program as of March 21, 2012, it is seen that there is an increasing number of Law Studies Program which is credited A. Compared to the year 2012 ago there are 42 accredited A study programs or about 14% more than 308 Law Studies Program. (Read also: Accreditation of Law Study Program as of April 2015)

Observing the percentage of Law Studies Program whose accreditation A as of January 2018 is seen to increase in number, but not yet significant. This means that more efforts are needed to achieve the quality of legal education in Indonesia. This is at least reflected in the number of Law Study Programs accredited A more than the accredited B. Even accredited C should be only in a very small amount of persetage.

Here are 20 out of 80 Faculty of Law (Law Studies Program) Strata 1in Indonesia with accreditation A as of January 2018 based on data of BAN-PT:

Data source: BAN-PT Indonesia, access 5 January 2018/Dh-1

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